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A one time user profile is filled out that you can reuse each time you shop in our on-line store. Your user profile contains only your ?Ship To:? and optional ?Bill To:? information that is used on future orders to speed up your checkout process.  You can login to the store when you are shopping to speed up your checkout, never enter ship to or bill to information again!

You may place your order without setting up an account. If you do not wish to set up an account for convenience purposes then you may enter your ship to and bill to information each time you place an order with NSI.  Please note that if you do not have an account setup that you will have to provide ship to and bill to information with each order

NSI does not make available to any individual, company, or service any information about it?s customers.  Your information will be held in absolute confidence and will never be provided to any third party under any circumstances.

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