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Bigger Questions? The Fusion of Science and Spirit - DVD

Bigger Questions? The Fusion of Science and Spirit - DVDQuantity in Basket:none
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How Do You Define The Soul?

Where does the soul reside? Where does it go after we die? What is consciousness? What makes each of us unique yet connected in unity? For thousands of years humankind has asked these existential questions and religions have attempted to explain the divine nature of human existence.

With the advent of theoretical physics, quantum mechanics and the emerging fields of string and membrane theory to explain reality, science has reached extraordinary new heights of understanding.

In The Fusion of Science and Spirit - The Bigger Questions series goes beyond "The Secret" to provide a deeper explanation of the true nature of this wonderful multiverse we live in and provides a cutting-edge understanding of our mystical connection to the cosmos, spirit and ourselves.

Join top experts as they ponder The Fusion of Science and Spirit and show that ancient mystics and native peoples had knowledge of the interconnectedness of all things.

Featuring: Amit Goswami PhD, Charles Tart PhD, William Tiller PhD, Dean Radin PhD, John Hagelin PhD, Russell Targ PhD, Brian O'Leary PhD.

Hosted by: Ron James

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