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Dead Whisper: In Search of Ghosts and the Supernatural - 2 DVD Set

Dead Whisper: In Search of Ghosts and the Supernatural - 2 DVD SetQuantity in Basket:none
Code: U672

Preorder Now, Ships June 29th, 2009.
Not Available in Stores until September 15th, 2009!
Available Exclusively From

Join Psychic Robbie Thomas along with The Indiana Ghost Trackers on both a scientific and psychic investigation that will shock and amaze you. Forget what you've seen on television from other paranormal ghost investigations.

This film exposes something new, real GHOSTS!

Be the first to experience startling new evidence that will leave you convinced that Ghosts are real. Amazing psychic insight guides the scientific team who are able to photograph and provide visual evidence of apparitions and otherworldly beings.

For the first time ever, with state-of-the-art scientific sensors, recording devices and one of the world's best psychics, you will see and hear conversations with the dead and you'll be there as it actually happened. Shockingly clear and undeniable recordings of disembodied voices answer questions and call for help.

"Four Stars!" "Astonishing EVP" "These phenomena could give us some new insight into the nature of the spirits, EVP and how they exist in the flow of time. Anyone fascinated by ghost phenomena and EVP will find this DVD of interest, and I can recommend it."
Stephen Wagner - Guide to the paranormal for

"Dead Whisper is going to knock people's socks off!"
Kevin Smith - syndicated radio host

"The most important film in a very long time!"
Lia Ramses - Ghost Radio

"Dead Whisper is going to get a lot of people shouting -- for more! It's destined to become a paranormal classic. It's the new benchmark in paranormal video journalism."
Bill Schreiner, Owner & GM Achieve Radio

U672 * 2 DVD Disks * 158 min * $19.95 * UPC 185483906725

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