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How To Read Faces - The Ultimate Psychological Advantage - DVD
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Len Horowitz: Emerging Viruses And Vaccinations - DVD
Unknown Powers - Hosted by J. Palance, S. Eggar, W. Geer and R. Brown - DVD
Remote Viewing - Psychic Spies: The Remote Viewing Video Learning Series DVD

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Cold Fusion: Fire From Water - Featuring James Doohan, "Scotty" on Star Trek & Arthur C. Clark

Cold Fusion: Fire From Water - Featuring James Doohan, "Scotty" on Star Trek & Arthur C. ClarkQuantity in Basket:none
Code: K554

Presented by James Doohan, ("Scotty" on Star Trek) with Sir Arthur C. Clark (author - 2001 A Space Odyssey, inventor of the communications satellite).

What happened to the claim that Cold Fusion would be the ultimate renewable energy source? This carefully crafted film examines the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion — a process by which abundant energy can be generated from simple materials.

Despite the "war on cold fusion" waged by scientists and the media, Cold Fusion could still possibly become a practical reality. By presenting interviews with scientists involved in its discovery the viewer is invited to decide whether Cold Fusion will become the greatest energy revolution of the 21st century.

K554 * DVD Disk * 70 min * $24.95 * UPC 1 85483 90554 4

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