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Untitled Document

Sounds that See in the Wind
and the Wild


The infra sound of giant nostrils that blast the bellowing sub sonic sounds of a hippopotamus in love is something grand and immensely unusual to fathom and ponder in the vast lands of their natural surroundings. A sign that rumbles even the leaves on the trees and speaks of what is to come, an unusual mating ritual perhaps or even to warn of danger in the air, causing the birds to flee.

For even the planet Earth has nostrils to billow and a voice to see, that may warn of tsunamis, and earthquakes, and eruptions that can't always be foreseen or a volcanoes song of history, place and the value of good times to be.

Even in a human universe hippos are children of the Earth and the sky that resides within and all around us, from the depths of our (Ys) to the heights of our (Is) and in the infinite oceans of natures synchronicities and eccentricities. And as an early warning of earthquakes to come and according to some, perhaps catfish are people too, for their magic has been proven, tried and true to warn of impending doom.

So what of sound that allows us to see and protects from disaster and our ability to simply be for those whose harmonies are to be simple and free, seemingly by intelligent design.

Perhaps nomads and birds and the wilds of unbridled nature are a subtle reminder of what it might be like to be totally free and to be warned of impending disasters by a deep inner knowing that our eyes can't always see. Where ever nature remains wild, the echo systems of life and synchronicity always protect the animals from disaster and speak when it's time to flee.

So if sound can be seen, and, as a way of protection from the billowing and eruptions of that which often can't be foreseen, all may be well for the life of our planet in the face of any perception or expected disasters when we learn how to read the sounds of our storms and the songs of our tides and how to play in the game of (Is) and (Ys).

© DR. SOUNDBITE & ETHOS108 7/6/06
All rights reserved. For use by permission only.

Untitled Document