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It was August 1969 the United States had just landed a man on the moon, 500,000 people gather at the Woodstock music festival, the largest anti war demonstration in American history was held, and the Manson Family murders seven total strangers. Charles Manson, a psychotic, and product of the United States prison system, was an anti Hippy who mesmerized a small group of middle class kids. He manipulated his followers into wrecking vengeance on the society, which had always rejected him.

Juxtaposed to these events, and perhaps as a parallel to this backdrop, there was other unforeseen forces that may have been taking place in history, which struck deep emotional cords within the culture of the times. The space race between America and Russia made going to the moon a matter of national pride. And in diametric opposition to these seemingly creative forces was a rising dissension among our youth on college campuses across the country. Anti war demonstrations and the call to "tune in and drop out," was one of the mantras of the day and ushered in a new spiritual awakening, facilitated by drugs, hallucinogens, and gurus, mystics, shaman, and church pastors. This cultural awakening coincidentally for me also coincided with our best efforts to put a man on the moon. In peace I might add, which is a powerful notion if you consider the power of myth and propaganda in our culture. For the moon is a powerful symbol of the feminine forces in nature. Man stepping on the moon in peace would be an alchemical act in ancient times, and in mythical terms, could symbolize reconciliation between the feminine and masculine forces of our human nature and in the collective consciousness of humanity.

I once herd a researcher make a curious remark of an observation he had made with respect to energetic forces of balance in nature, which create dynamic opposing forces that can affect human consciousness on a planetary scale. The idea is that there could be congruence between the act of physically reaching for the moon and an energetic rise of creativity, and conscious awareness here on earth.

Now, a funny thing happened on the way to the opera with respect to landing a man on the moon. The Nixon administration was up in arms about the fact that television technology of the day would make receiving a television broadcast signal from the moon an engineering challenge. This perhaps could have been a propaganda, and mythmakers gamble far too great to leave to chance. It seems that we were always in a race with the Russians when it came to any ambitious human endeavor or achievement and this climate of competition was escalated, I believe, by the cold war.

Now America, as led by the Nixon administration allegedly wanted to hedge their bet in respect to the propaganda potential of showing live, on television an American landing on the moon. The idea perhaps was to send a television signal from the moon showing an American making that first step on the lunar surface, and in the name of the so called free world. But what would happen if we couldn't get that priceless television signal? This was a chance that President Nixon didn't want to take according to the testimony of those who were there. And like the "Stay Puff Marshmallow Man," in the movie "Ghostbusters," this president fell victim to the need for certainty, and at any cost. According to new filmed testimony, President Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and others, participated in a plan to hire the film director Stanley Kubrick, to produce what is referred to in the television industry as interstitial film footage of mans first moon landing. Perhaps this film footage could be used for last minute press coverage if needed in an emergency, or in the event of any unforeseen tragedies, and maybe even to maintain order during an unexpected extraterrestrial lunar encounter. To imagine that this story could have really happened, I have to keep in mind that the CIA controls security for this, an alleged civilian science project. Press releases and film footage could have been tampered with and filtered to the public, however unlikely this may seem. Who knows if or when it happened, but eventually some of this alleged fake moon film footage could have made its way into our historical archives if it really existed.

Now, decades later, a program was recently seen on French television, and featured Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, and Donald Rumsfeld who at the time were part of this, President Nixon's inner circle of myth makers. They were joined by Christiane Kubrick, the late wife of Stanley Kubrick, and gave on camera testimony at length about the Nixon White House secretly hiring her husband, after he produced the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. His job, like out of a scene from the television show "Mission Impossible," was to produce, under tight security, interstitial, simulated film footage and still photography of NASA Astronauts, on the moon. It seems reasonable from public interest, the preponderance of evidence, and Hollywood propaganda, that something was going on, and has over the years, come back to haunt the memory of NASA's great historical achievements.

In recent years, many fact filled books and television programs, and even the movie "Capricorn One," have probed this question of whether we really went to the moon, with varying degrees of interest and fan fair. So what was it that started this wave of anti history regarding NASA's achievements? And who first started the rumors that fake NASA photographs and film footage existed? If the celebrated filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick had worked in secret for the United States government, he kept this secret and his integrity, for the rest of his life. For me, the notion that we never went to the moon is more unbelievable than the challenge it self of putting a man in space.

To help tighten the focus another notch or two on this melting pot of drama, I will add in one more character to this ever-widening hall of mirrors and mythological mayhem. One of the first people to publicly challenge NASA about ambiguities in photographic and scientific data from the Apollo program is a man by the name of Bill Kaysing. But what initially inspired Kaysing to invest his time into investigating this mystery? Speaking on camera, Kaising, a former NASA Engineer himself, tells a personally revealing story that I give credence to. He speaks of his compassion for the Vietnam veterans, who bravely served their country, only to return to a country and in despair. The consensus among Vietnam veterans according to Kaysing, was that of dismay at the fact that culture and western society hadn't changed and that it's as if we never went to the moon. I can personally sympathize with this perspective from a mythological, and perhaps even an alchemical standpoint. For we still do live largely in a male dominant society, and perhaps the masculine energetic of American politics has yet to reconcile with the feminine forces of nature, as acted out by NASA Astronauts. However, today creativity is king and idealism, doubt and the need for certainty is the killer of the imagination. But this may all just be one person's opinion, and largely mine. For struggle and strife comes in many colors and fusions, and those who are the smartest, and the happiest, are often quiet. As for this story, I believe many things can be explained from a common well of emotion and creativity. And we all by living our own lives can affect history in unforeseen ways, and for better or for worse. And through our creativity, we can all come to know our need to see the limitless possibilities of any dream, and to be able to know what is in our hearts and what is real. For me, I believe we went to the moon, and the other things as President Kennedy so apply inferred, for in our individual uniqueness, our love, our pain, and our tears, lay the stories that really matter in the winds of change, and from the perspective of a creative eye.

All rights reserved. For use by permission only.


Untitled Document