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Tim Crawford, NSI President & CEO – Speaker Information
General Introduction & Presentation Outline:

In the human search for a deeper understanding of what is, history has struggled over a few specific questions that will not be denied.

Is God real? Are Extraterrestrials and UFOs real? Do we live beyond the death of our body?

Even in the face of skepticism, questions like these show incredible resilience and will not go away.

Just as physicists and mathematicians can’t explain what love is or what created it, there are no words that can fully capture the magnitude and wonder of a deeply moving and profound human spiritual experience that is both emotional and mental in nature, but transcends our beliefs and assumptions about what is real. This is what it is to see or experience something new for the first time. This is what it means to encounter the paranormal within our selves and in the world we live in.

Many people when asked will tell you that the study of UFOs and extraterrestrials is about the investigation of flying saucers, crop circles and alien abductions. However this public “pop culture” perspective couldn’t be farther from the truth. The research of all things extraterrestrial is one of the ultimate expressions of our human curiosity and longing for validation and clarification of who we are, where we come from, and what is real.

Psychologist Victor Frankle is known for the widely accepted view that the most important thing to human beings, even above our needs and desires, is our search for meaning and where once again we are faced with those pesky questions – Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is reality? This fact becomes most apparent when we consider our seemingly inevadible death in this life, our mortality, and even the possibility of our immortality.

Since 1990, Tim Crawford, President and CEO of NSI has been seeking out every researcher, journalist, and film maker that has ever produced a fact filled investigative film or documentary on exotic science and suppressed history. On television, radio, and in live presentations, Tim Crawford is captivating audiences across the country with his enthusiasm and knowledge as he shows us how science and the research of all things extraterrestrial is changing the way we think about the way we think about the way we think.


The study of all things extraterrestrial both here on Earth and in outer space has truly developed into a multidisciplinary field of endeavor. It is not uncommon to see physicists, mathematicians, biologists, archeologists, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers and historians all working together to solve our most enduring mysteries such as God, man, ET, UFOs, aliens and virtually all things that go bump in the night.

Tim Crawford is driven by the belief that the study of all things extraterrestrial can broaden our worldview with respect to how we see our selves and how we see the world we live in. Physicist Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Tim Crawford believes that the great sovereign lands of our inheritance, promised to all human beings by God is the great lands of our imagination. For it is the imagination of our children who will dream our future. In the end, we may all discover that the people of all nations have more in common then we ever realized, and that harmony between the people of the world will come from the celebration of our differences, our creativity, and the ability to honor our pain.

After 12-years of intensive scientific research, Tim Crawford is prepared to share his research and discoveries about God, Man, ET, UFOs, the Agape Matrix, Bio Electromagnetics, Imagination, Alchemy, the Human Creative Process, Intelligent Design in Creation, Intentionality and the "Unified Fun Field" theory.


Tim Crawford has appeared on CNN, Extra (NBC), The Geraldo Rivera Show (CBS), The Leeza Show (NBC), Strange Universe (UPN), Dinner and A Movie (TNT). Tim Crawford has been featured in over 500 radio interviews across America and Canada including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and also featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Associated Press, Video Store Magazine and Video Business Magazine.


Tim Crawford is a 24-year industry veteran of the movie and video distribution business. In 1990 he founded NSI and UFO TV and has become an internationally renowned expert on exotic science, suppressed history and all things extraterrestrial. He comes from a family of artists and free thinkers and from an early age was encouraged to be creative, ask questions and get all the facts before making any decision about what is fact from fiction in a world that to him is flooded with miracles, mystery and wonder. Tim Crawford is currently the President and CEO of NSI and UFO TV.

Tim Crawford has spent the last 12 years seeking out every researcher, journalist, and filmmaker that has ever produced a fact filled investigative film or documentary on the mysteries and magic of unexplained phenomena. In the process NSI and UFO TV has become the largest proprietary library of suppressed and unexplained science and history films in the world. The NSI and UFO TV library of films is made available to the general public through worldwide broadcast, video and DVD distribution or through this web site.

UFO TV also maintains the largest library of authentic UFO film clips in the world. UFO film clips from this library appear in virtually every television program ever made on the topic of UFOs and continues to be the ultimate UFO film and video resource for producers and broadcasters of high quality television programming.


Tim Crawford is prepared to share his research and discoveries about God, Man, ET, UFOs, the Agape Matrix, Bio Electromagnetics, Imagination, Alchemy, the Human Creative Process, Intelligent Design in Creation, Intentionality and the "Unified Fun Field" theory.

For more information about scheduling or to book Tim Crawford for a live appearance, lecture or workshop, please feel free to contact us here by e-mail or you can call or write to us at:

Business Affairs Department
2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA. 90291

Phone: 310-578-5300, ext. 222
Fax: 310-578-5308

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