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Hyper Space Crop Circle Chess
The Game of I's and Y's
Imagine yourself as an investigator of the greatest puzzle of all time. A puzzle thatís also a game and a life and death struggle. A process that represents the sum total of all human knowledge, curiosity and creative expression. A game called - Hyperspace Crop Circle Chess: The Game of Is & Ys.

If youíre reading this, perhaps you believe the mystery of UFOs, Extraterrestrials and intelligent life in the universe is the greatest puzzle of all time? Are you looking for solid new facts to solve your own version of this great puzzle?

As fact finding, puzzle building, game playing, investigators, we all may make discoveries and contribute important peaces to the collective puzzle, and we are what we seek. For we all are great puzzles and important pieces to a collective mystery as well.

So the game of Is & Ys is afoot. Part mystery, part puzzle, part game, and all science, to discover the source of all life on Earth and all knowing in the Universe. Itís all part of the game of life and itís called - Hyperspace Crop Circle Chess: The Game of Is & Ys.

Find your place in the hyperspace arena, put your game face on, and strap your self in for a wild ride. For not all things are as they seem and much can be gained from reading between the lines. Key words are important and can help you on your way, as you search for new answers in your own time and special place. In the end it will be up to you to ask the age old question; Are We Alone In The Universe?

Suggested Key Words:
Intention Syncro-nice-ity Pole shifting Sent-a-mentality
Recon-sailing-karma Recon-styling-myth Trinity Core symbols
Avatars Arks & Archetypes Heroes Intimacy
Energetics Fusion Gateways Right of passage
Wormhole Black hole Super nova Neo
Target Contact Planet Galaxy
Man-i-fold Manna Entrainment Ascension
Meme Source Spirit UFO
Q Conformation Full circle Full cycle
Completion Reconciliation Penalty Balance
Recon-silly-animay Choice Home Process
Signs Validation Clarification Discernment
Fragmentation Trajectory Retrieval Awareness
Access Need Desire Orbit
Rotation Spin symmetry Holographic Emotion
Feelings Connection Perfection Sacrifice
Impose Wet Hot Sticky
Soul Music Dance Art
Culture Mythos Ethos Harmonics
Wave form Syncro-odd-ity Start Stop

© DR. SOUNDBITE & ETHOS108 10/13/05
All rights reserved. For use by permission only.

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