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Frequently asked questions about UFO's

Understanding Ufology means always asking questions as well as studying the facts, background and significant findings of this vast subject.

To help those enthusiasts who want to learn as much as possible about UFOs, we are featuring Chapter 8 (below) of Harold Burt's book Flying Saucers 101 ? Frequently Asked Questions to get you started.



Staff Flying Saucers 101
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How could aliens get from there to here if the distance between stars is so great?

We have to start looking at things a lot differently. The beings visiting our planet have been in existence 500 million years longer than human beings. We are not at the forefront of science. We will also have to update our knowledge of science, physics, and how the universe really works. Here are some things you need to know:

Time and Distance Are Not Related
I discuss this more in depth in the science section, but as Albert Einstein so eloquently pointed out, time and distance have nothing to do with one another.

Other Dimensions
Not all flying saucers come from outer space. Many come from "inner" space. It is well established that many of these craft come from other dimensions. Many contactees have been told this by alien beings. One such person is Hugo Batallanos from Latin America.

We know it's hard to comprehend these vast distances in space. How ever, in our local neighborhood there are over a thousand stars that are nearby. By nearby, I mean within 54 light years of earth. In terms of space distances, any astronomer will tell you that particular distance is not just down the block, it' s right next door!

Approximately half these stars are similar to our sun probably have planets with life on them. Many contactees have been told by ETs that they are in fact from places much closer than we think, but our scientists are just not able to observe them at this time.

Distances From the Earth
THE MOON: 240,000 miles; 1.29 light seconds.
THE SUN: 93 million miles; 8 light minutes.
CLOSEST STAR: 400,000 trillion miles; 4.3 light years.
CLOSEST GALAXY: 1 million light years.

Traveling Speed
Traveling at 95 percent of the speed of light (186,000 miles per second times .95) it would take eleven and a half years to get to the star system called Zeta Reticuli.

Making a slight increase to 99 percent the speed of light reduces the journey to Zeta Reticuli to just 19 months. Remember, time slows as you approach the speed of light. And by folding space, you get there almost instantly.

Our Technology is Way Ahead of You
Military insiders and aerospace engineers say we are at least 150 to 200 years ahead of where the public thinks we are in terms of spacecraft technology. Many believe the space shuttle is just a public relations display and research vehicle for launching science projects and sometimes deploying military satellites.

The true state of our technology is being hidden from the public, just as the existence of extraterrestrials is. Once you realize ETs are real, you can bet the farm that our technology could take us to other planets right now.

Ben Rich
Ben Rich was the former head of Lockheed Aircraft, the same company that developed the Stealth bomber and fighter planes. Several months before he died he made a stunning acknowledgment about the true state of our technology. It was made directly to a personal friend of mine, Jan Harzan, in front of fifteen other people. He basically said that the military already has star-travel capability.

Thomas in Las Vegas
Several years ago I met a man I will call "Thomas" while attending a convention in Las Vegas. We got into a discussion about UFOs and technology. Here is what he told me: He said he had certain high-level security clearances for a nearby military facility. He wouldn't say if the facility was Area 51 or not. He said he wasn't sure, because he was always brought to the facility in a van with the windows covered for the final leg of the journey. His tasks frequently had to do with aircraft.

To Europe and Back in Under Two Hours
Thomas said that on several occasions he had been placed on an aircraft and flown from Nevada to Europe and back in under 2 hours. That averages out to be 10,000 miles per hour! He couldn't identify the plane because he was boarded "blind" just like on the van. He, too, said our aircraft technology is so far ahead of where the public thinks it is they simply would not believe it even if someone told them the absolute truth of the real capabilities.

At the time Thomas told me this, there seemed to be no motivation for him to make it up. This happened years before I even thought about writing this book.

Check Your Ego at the Door
How can we possibly presume to know what a civilization can accomplish in as little as a hundred years, much less civilizations which are millions of years ahead of us in technology? Some quick facts:

* One hundred years ago we had no airplanes. One hundred years ago no human being had ever been in New York and Los Angeles in the same week, much less the same day!

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