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Can We Prepare for ET Contact?

Having a UFO, alien, or extraterrestrial encounter can be a deeply emotional and sometimes traumatic experience. Preparing for such an experience can be measured by our ability to embrace the full weight of the human emotional experience. The following is a list of steps that one might consider when preparing for such an experience:

1---Imagine that your body is a UFO "Spaceship"; your heart is a cold-fusion-reaction-chamber and time/space-dis-plays-mint pump; your soul is your agape-core-mainframe; and your mind is for interface with ship systems, witch include; engineering, long range scanners, remote viewing, remote beaming, science labs, art and cutler labs, play and drama labs, ships library, and helm control.

2---Then imagine that your UFO Spaceship is based on advanced symbiotic technology. You feel everything you're "ship" feels and the "ship" needs you to function.

3---Then consider all of the UFOs, aliens, and extraterrestrials in your own life.

4---Ask your self if you are an alien or and extraterrestrial?

5---If you can't feel, or see, or hear a straight answer, then you're an alien? maybe!

6---If you're an alien or a "maybe," than you can ask your self for identity records from the ships library. Please be patient, as some operating systems require more download time than others. Please remember that downloads are emotion-charged-self-decoding-error-correcting-sentient-energy-clusters which require time to integrate in concert with your experience of "now time-space."

7---If you're an extra-terres-trial, than you may want to consider down loading the latest cosmic news, running ships diagnostics, up-grading ship systems, consider new travel destinations, visit with family and friends? or take in a movie.

8---For more advanced pilots, there is a large assortment of ship upgrade possibilities that are now emerging on the horizon and available for immediate beta testing. These technologies can be explored safely as long as we know that everything we could ever possibly need for energy and propulsion is already incorporated and within the reach of internal ship systems and the creative possibilities need to be weighed with adult and consenting responsibility.

9---Additional code for processing and development of new ship- technologies can be obtained from your "agape-core" and made available based on current ship readiness and the ability to integrate new technologies and protocols into your ships computer mainframe.

Please remember to play safe and be mindful of other craft in your time space.

All rights reserved. For use by permission only.

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