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Albert Einstein the preeminent physicist and author of the theory of relativity is quoted as saying, "Imagination is more important than knowledge," "God doesn't throw dice with the universe." "The speed of light is relative to the observer."

Einstein believed that the known force fields that control natural phenomena in the universe have a simple unified foundation. This was the basis of Einstein's Unified Field Theory, which is now referred to as the Grand Unified Theory or GUT for short by researchers that pursue this field of discovery today. Einstein's belief in his unified theory was so strong that some would say he devoted the last 30 years of his life attempting to prove his unified concept. Some also speculate that he solved his GUT theory from the center and confines of his own universe of experience but kept his personal discovery a secret because we all have to solve the GUT theory for our selves and in our own lives. If this is the secret of Albert Einstein, then perhaps he's saying by his actions that the search for GUT is a journey and only as a theory can GUT continue to inspire countless people for years to come. For any GUT theory can only be one persons' perspective.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake is known for his books and scientific papers that demonstrate how all species of life participate in, and form a morpheogenic field, or a collective consciousness. Sheldrake's experiments include the study of homing pigeons for their miraculous instincts of navigation, telepathic awareness between people and there pets, and various other forms of phenomenon that occur between humans such as the capacity to sense when your being stared at from behind. These are simple examples that Sheldrake uses because they represent unexplainable paranormal phenomena that we all experience in our daily lives and which point to a collective field of awareness at work in our reality.

The father of Psychology, Dr. Carl Jung, wrote extensively about a collective subconscious that we are all connected to and a part of. He was also the first researcher to write about causal synchronicity as a phenomenon of relational cause and effect that seems to transcend time and space. This is another way of saying that two seemingly random and unrelated events can be perceived as synchronistic and connected in a meaningful way or to appear as purposefully coincidental and effected by our awareness and possibly even our intentions.

Is it possible that Einstein, Sheldrake and Jung are all, each in there own way, talking about different aspects of the same phenomenon? Could these scientific observations when considered together reveal a type of cosmic interconnected matrix that we interact with, and that affects our lives and our experience of reality from moment to moment?

And if so, what is the trigger that allows us to access and influents this matrix of perception and awareness that we all share and are a part of?

What if we consider for a moment that all life resonates according to special, individually unique, and collectively predetermined needs and intentions, and that only imagination sets us apart from other life forms or living systems? Perhaps our minds are driven by personal needs and intentions and convert thought forms into energetic intention, like opening a door with a key. And perhaps through a morpheogenic connection to the human collective consciousness, and an omni present awareness of our reality at a subconscious level, we affect our relationship to this, a unified foundation of cause and effect.

I like to refer to this unified foundation based on intention as the "Unified Fun Field." Simply explained, intention is a trigger for a-causal synchronicity and awareness. This allows all of us when fully and appropriately empowered, to exert our own free will and be king and queen of our own kingdoms, and participate in each other's free will, without giving up our own sovereign free will and awareness in the process. With the Unified Fun Field, all of our wishes, needs and desires are effortlessly met through intention as we interact with this field and each other and as long as we are in sink with the field and free from cross intentions which can confuse the field. The interaction between people based purely on intention often occurs with deep complexity and outside of our conscious awareness. When we are able to track and observe the effortless interaction of cause and effect based on intention in our experience, it is often seen and referred to as synchronicity, serendipity or as a miracle.

I believe that through the natural subtle energies in us and all around us, the power of intention in this reality, and the natural human gift of creativity and intuition, we can feel, see and interact through the unified fun field which seems to permeate all of nature; and bring personal unification between cause and effect in our individual lives and experience.

Perhaps when an intention is born from a desire I have and not in conflict with my needs or the needs and intentions of others, the unified fun field seems to process the solution and complete the equation, or reveal the needed wisdom, intuition, inspiration, or revelation that is necessary for me to connect with, or receive the fulfillment of my intention. Whether it is to sleep, eat, dream, see, learn, receive love and nurturing, or to find creative adventure and opportunity through relationships with other people or in your own inner thought process, my observations have shown me that the unified fun field has the capacity to activate our awareness as needed to process, inspire and provide everything necessary for our safety, survival and much more.

Imagine that we all resonate according to our own needs and core intentions and we are drawn to other people and places that resonate with similar needs and core intentions to our own. In some cultures this would be referred to as "karma." In this case I would like to use the word "Karma." to define the causal force that draws people and events together based on core and creative intentions. So for example, people inspired by love and community are naturally drawn to those people or places that are inspired by love and community and with respect to even subtle special needs and the uniqueness of individuals as well.

For example, people with unique hell-bent tendencies on hatred and destruction are drawn to those people or places that are similarly hell-bent on hatred and destruction. Based on this illustration, I find it especially poignant that the most unpredictable and provocative armed conflicts and possible nuclear threat to humanity currently taking place on our planet today are in the vast desert regions of the Middle East where we can't kill any trees or major wild life. And as a tragic and poignant mirror to this situation, some of the governments involved in waging these wars are more concerned about damaging pyramids, temples and ancient monuments then their concern for the well being of their soldiers in the field. It would seem that nature has been getting out of the way of this potential battle for thousands of years for in ancient scripture and myth, the desert is commonly referred to as the wilderness. And in nature, the birds and wildlife are usually the first to leave an area before any storm or planetary upheaval can occur. In this case from a human perspective, the trees vacated this region of the earth long ago.

There is a scene in the movie "The Matrix" where the main character Neo is being instructed by his teacher Morpheus and Neo says; you mean I can dodge bullets? Morpheus replies, "When your ready, you won't need to." I use this point to illustrate that through the power of intention, intuition, and imagination, we don't need to dodge bullets. All we have to do is read the signs of the times, exorcize our free will, follow our inspiration, and get out of the way of history before it comes. My prayers go out to all of the people in the world today, that are caught in the cross fire of global change and due to political and social oppression, don't have the freedom to move out of the way of the powers of destruction or express there inalienable rights, that all people are free and created equal in the eyes of God.

Perhaps the Lords prayer, recited by Jesus in the Bible, a dreamed intention, is calling forth among other things, the desire that we may be as free and safe on earth as we all can be within our own imagination. "Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."


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